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The Hippie Ghost Band Land 

I signed up for one of your Long Distance Spiritual Healing Sessions and I am so happy that I did.  I set aside the hour just to meditate with you and it was quite amazing.  At times during the hour I could see and feel your presence using your amazing healing gifts on me.   My meditation also revealed a male personage walking toward me, and then with me, to my etheric place of meditation.   As our spiritual teams came together, there was so much happiness and chatter!  The next morning, I felt a real boost in energy!  I had a renewed interest in continuing to expand my spiritual connection with my own spiritual guides.  

Thank you, Brenda.  I will be coming back for more sessions.  Love and light.

February 2018 I've been searching for words, and haven't found the correct ones. We all are looking for someone who could help us. I just about gave up. If I would walk crippled, then so be it. I met Brenda Oct. 14, 2017 at a Wellness convention and instantly was drawn. I debated a few months. I was still looking for someone, and figuring nobody could heal my knee. After my 1st treatment, I was amazed. Not healed, but pain 50 % on the decrease. Could it be possible, I could heal? The 2nd treatment, I stop walking crippled. The bend in my knee moved slightly, but I could use my knee. I tested it, and I could do a few dancer positions. Wow. Yesterday I had my 3rd treatment. Now, 24 hrs later, still zero pain. I can't recall not taking a pain pill daily over the years. I'm pain free. I plan to continue, because I am determine to put my knee straight. We are all looking for someone, and for me, I'm glad I reached out to Brenda. She is amazing. Renee Abbott 


Dear Jasmine and Brenda, I wanted to share my experience with you, when we met at the Conscious Life Expo in LAX. I felt completely vulnerable and lost while I walked through the Conscious Life Expo, until I heard the sounds coming from these beautiful crystal bowls. I just joined the crowd that gathered to listen to you Brenda, and was shocked when a group of spirits, who call themselves, The Hippie Ghost Band, started to speak with me, while you continued to play the bowls.

I was enchanted by this experience and wanted to follow the directions they gave me…I went home and located on YouTube ‘Crystal bowl sound healing music’ and began chanting the I Am Love along with Ho’oponopono. One month later, I felt more serenity within, which is helping me live through the daily drama.

I am so blessed to have met you both. Will you be there next year? Do you have Dvds with your sound healing and the Ho’oponopono that I can purchase?

With all my love and gratefulness, thank you both for this new release on life.

 Morning Glory

In September of 2016, I felt a small bebee sized lump in my right breast.  (All of the females on both sides of my family have died from breast or ovarian cancer.)  I have had cysts prior to this and that was what it felt like.  Then this little thing turned into a 5mm large pea size by February of 2017. I didn’t have insurance that would cover this, so I started doing a lot of vibrational healing.  My guides had told me that vibration was key for me.  So I started with a gong session.  This was an hour long session where you laid on the floor while a gong was being played. 

Then I met you (Brenda Zyburt) at one of the holistic fairs.  I told you of my plight and we did a 10 minute session.  Following that, I did another gong session and it was time to have the mammo.  I did that and the lump did not show up.  Of course my doctor said see you in a year.  I asked her what she thought I should do since she felt it as well, and it was still there.  She simply said that if you think you need a second opinion, see a surgeon because that will be the next place you will have to go anyway.  So that was what I did.  I saw the surgeon, we had an ultrasound done and he was sure that it was cancerous.  So we scheduled surgery for that Monday. 
Meanwhile, I saw you again at another holistic fair.  I told you that I was going in for surgery the next day to remove the mass.  This time we did a 20 minute session and the most amazing thing happened to me.  While I was laying there with the headphones on listening to crystal tone music, I could hear a tone that was out of the ordinary of what I had been hearing and feeling.  I saw a golden rod, that reminded me of a yarn needle.  It was to weave its way in and out of the mass, as if to sew it all up.  Around and around, in and out it went until it made its way all the way around to the other side, where it seems to close itself off and the needle pulled the golden string through that dripped black as if to pull the cancer out.  I heard what sounded and felt like a pop and you played the crystal tone bowl directly on my breast.  That was when I knew that it was gone. 

When I had the surgery the following day, my doctor came to my bedside and told me that it was a ruptured cyst.  He did not see any signs of cancer but was sending it to the pathology lab anyway.  When I went to my post op appointment, the results were that it was pre-cancerous AND because the lump had ruptured, it was closer to the surface of the nipple and only required a small incision instead of the long incision that he thought he was going to have to make.

I would recommend to anyone not to count the healing vibrations of the singing bowls out.  I know that between this, Reiki and the gong sessions, this is what healed me naturally.

Thank you so much for all of your love and light and we will be making an appointment with you soon.

Allison Phelps

In the beginning, Brenda shared with me her own life story…things that brought her to know herself and awaken a deep desire to seek for truth and knowledge.  She has worked tirelessly to develop her spiritual gifts for many years.  She understands the journey of the spirit and that the challenges of this life are to give us experiences that will teach us and guide us toward a pure love for humanity and our Creator.  She is a true inspiration.

Brenda has guided me along my path toward spiritual healing and growth.  She has taught me about meditation, how to work with my crystals, the joy of crystal singing bowls and their amazing healing powers, and how to work with my spiritual team to lift my life and the lives of those around me.

Her healing sessions are amazing and the resulting energy is truly inspiring. 

Brenda’s deepest desire is to help humanity wake up and, with improved consciousness, travel through this difficult and amazing journey of our lives.   She is full of energy and enthusiasm for the work she does.  She and her spiritual team work closely together to heal your body and your spirit to help you create and follow your own spiritual path.

Thank you, Brenda, for your love and guidance,

Terry Ewing  

2/ 20/2018

Hello Brenda and Jasmine,

I decided to go to the LAX Conscious Life Expo at the last moment. I was hungry for something, but what I didn’t know. Everything being offered seemed to be the same old stuff. Upon grabbing my coat and taking out my keys to leave I heard music coming from the lower levels. Here was Brenda playing, along with others who joined.  I stood afar, so I wouldn’t get caught on the videos and just took in the sound. When the music was over, I drifted to the table to talk to Brenda and met her business partner Jasmine.  Without a word from me, she asked if she could rely a message from the Hippie Ghost Band. As Jasmine pulled me over to the corner, showing me one of Brenda’s paintings, the Hippie Ghost Band delivered a message that has changed my life. I am new man. Thank you both. I will keep looking on your website for upcoming events. I do plan to be in Sedona mid-summer, so will look you two up at the Artist Market there.

All my gratitude,