I had doubted Jasmine when she suggested that I to start working through her teachings.  I decided that it would not hurt to humor her. I made myself a 'vision board', mine was specialized for me. She said anything to show what I want and where I am going. I listened and followed as best I was able. I am now moving into my own home that I wanted so badly and have started my own small community of like minded individuals who are working with me to achieve our little heaven on earth.  I am so glad that I have started to follow her path and will continue to teach myself and try to learn from her on making more heaven around me. 

Helen Kelly

Services - Appointments


        2081 W. Hwy 89A Sedona, AZ 86336

3 weekends of the month you are welcome to experience these two women using the Beyond the Veil Artist Way teachings for your Spirit Path.

Listen to the sound healing of the crystal bowl, while Jasmine takes you through Brenda’s Art to help you connect with your Spirit Path. 

In fall we will be offering a retreat that will offer sound healing with Beyond the Veil’s Artist Way Ho’oponopono and I Am Love.

Coming this fall we will also offer sound healing

with the Hippie Ghost Band’s latest songs,

written from Beyond the Veil.

We are accepting invitations to offer our services at Expos, Conferences and other modules for development of

one’s Spirit Path.

The Hippie Ghost Band is seeking us to open our own facility where we can offer private sessions together and separately. The blueprints are being drawn up.

Stay tuned for updates.

​Spirit Path Tarot Reader

      Personal Long distance Session, Book your session today.

               Location Phoenix & Sedona Arizona

 To schedule your personal session, please email: Jasmine Renee Abbott at                  Info@HippieGhostBand.com  with desired date and time. 

We will make every effort to accommodate your request. The fee is $225. 

We need to receive payment prior to your appointment. 

At the time we schedule your consultation we will provide you an Skype meeting notice.

"I want to thank Jasmine Renee Abbott and The Hippie Ghost Band for the improvements in my life this past year. Since I started following the teachings of the Band as relayed by Jasmine I am becoming a much more positive person.

It is wonderful how that positive attitude reflects back to me in the people

around me and even in material ways with items that I need being offered to me out of the blue. I am anxious to see where this journey can lead as new teachings are offered this year. " Lori Newman

Sessions offered with Brenda she is a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner, a Crystal Practitioner, Energy Practitioner and a Spirit Painter


This sound-focused treatment is designed to bring mind, body and spirit into balance. High-frequency, gemstone-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ are placed directly on your body, gently delivering deep resonance and profound healing frequencies to restore harmony.

With your treatment she will place Crystals & Flowers upon your body, and work with energy.  

50 minutes

Cost per session $225. 

One of the greatest blessings in are life is helping people discover the beauty and power of their true, authentic self.  Given themselves permission to heal, permission to choose, permission to Live. Permission to know the Soul.

How would your life be different if you had the confidence to express the Real You? How would your relationships change? Your job? Your career? Your health? What would happen to your dreams?  Are you ready to take the next step in your soul’s evolution?


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The Hippie Ghost Band Land 

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"My name is Kenya and I want to tell you how The Hippie Ghost Bands teachings have inspired me and helped me release old thought patterns and harmful thinking. I like many have had trauma on top of trauma mixed with confusion and hurt. I could never quit find how to create my heaven upon earth. But, I have now been able to start clearing my spirit path of the excessive baggage I was carrying and all the false thoughts of myself. With the use of Ho'ponopono and the I AM LOVE, I have been healing myself on a deeper level and it feels absolutely amazing. I am so very grateful for all that the Hippie Ghost Band does for us, and I am finally loving and living life, while creating my heaven. I am smiling as I type just soaking in the love that they have for us, and now the love O have for myself. Thank you from my spirit to yours😘"