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Hippie Ghost Band Land
Decades have gone by, since all four of these spirits have died. Decades have passed since I entered the world of a professional spiritual advisor.  What do these four spirits have in common with each other? Three of them were well known musicians, while one was a poet who died at twenty. Their love for writing lyrics, playing instruments and singing brought them together on the other side to form a band called Hippie Ghost Band, in memory of the era they lived here.  What do these four spirits have in common with me? I’m a medium who walked both worlds, mine and Beyond the Veil.  In 2015 their world and mine joined, as they were requested to bring the fourth and fifth levels to Earth. We already host the second and third levels, which looks identical to the world in which we live today.

In the spirit world, which I refer to as Beyond the Veil, it is common for most of us to end up on the third level, which is identical to our earth. The Hippie Ghost Band has informed us, via podcasts on Facebook, that Earth is the sister spirit plane to Beyond the Veil. Technically both are the creation of old patterns based on fear. The fourth and fifth planes is where spirits begin to learn another way and start building their heaven there. We now are being offered the same opportunity

Why do they believe this is necessary? The overflow of the fear thoughtforms is causing a problem on the other side. The Divine Creator sent them to help us by teaching those interested about another way, and to build Intentional Communities through the models they created on the other side, of Beyond the Veil.

On a personal level, they are excited to have the opportunity to announce they didn’t have it right before death, and now they can help those who wish to listen to understand where we are messing up.

A small group of us now are involved with the Hippie Ghost Band to teach The Wisdom Teachings they are offering us.