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Brenda is an expert in spirit healing for the soul.  With over 30 years of experience, she loves working with her Spiritual Team.  She is a Spirit Painter of other dimensions. She is a Sound Healer both using her voice and with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.™ She is  an Intuitive helping people understand "The Way Of The Soul" and the amazing journey of self-discovery, self-truths, self-understanding, assisting you in discovering that you are Creation. She is a Gifted Healer using Universal Energy to remove what no longer serves the soul, seeing the attachments.  Her spiritual team guides her.  

Three years ago, Brenda awoke with the need to paint. It was here she eased into being these two spirits conduit. She specializes in  Spirit Painting, from other worlds, which reveals the intense energy available to souls. I have never seen spirit art in this form. If interested in how spirit paints through a human, then these paintings are a “must see”.

She is an author of “Healing ~ I AM”, “Journey of the Soul” and “Welcome Home”.  

Outside of her spiritual work, Brenda  has a Masters of Science degree with a major in Global Business Management and has traveled the world. She loves to be outdoors, hiking, meditating, being in flowing water, skiing, camping and working with animals. She has three children and three grandchildren and three amazing dogs that are her best friends! 


 Make where you live Heaven on Earth, change the energy frequencies. I love my home and yard, it is full of life!  This is a pure energy, interesting, amazing and wonderful to understand, receive and study.

A key to heaven on earth for me is to love where I live. See paradise in a blade of grass, a snow flake or anything that is nature.  I love the desert land, the mountains, lakes and our blue sky.  I feel the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and connect deeply and send as much love to every living element of Earth. I recommend others to try this and witness your own paradise.

February 2018 I've been searching for words, and haven't found the correct ones. We all are looking for someone who could help us. I just about gave up. If I would walk crippled, then so be it. I met Brenda Oct. 14, 2017 at a Wellness convention and instantly was drawn. I debated a few months. I was still looking for someone, and figuring nobody could heal my knee. After my 1st treatment, I was amazed. Not healed, but pain 50 % on the decrease. Could it be possible, I could heal? The 2nd treatment, I stop walking crippled. The bend in my knee moved slightly, but I could use my knee. I tested it, and I could do a few dancer positions. Wow. Yesterday I had my 3rd treatment. Now, 24 hrs later, still zero pain. I can't recall not taking a pain pill daily over the years. I'm pain free. I plan to continue, because I am determine to put my knee straight. We are all looking for someone, and for me, I'm glad I reached out to Brenda. She is amazing. Renee Abbott 

Brenda Zyburt

Spirit Wind Teacher

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