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Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction

The Spirit World Walks with Us (Volume 2) 

If you are depressed, tired, and can't see to make anything work, you are not alone. April 2015, I plotted my suicide. At 64 years old, I was spent. Nowhere to go, until Divine intervened, with the help of eleven entities. They taught me Beyond the veil's Law of Attraction, which is completely different than what I've already.read. Three years later, the change in my life is huge and it can work the same for you. This book sets down the basic laws that forever changed my life and now have changed others. I felt life was not worth living. I was done being isolated, abandoned and in poor health. I'm forever grateful to Divine and these eleven entities who gave me life. Not my old life, but the keys to something better. You might wonder what was the result of this intervention, and what made it different than the others I tried? A group of us are creating Heaven on Earth in a completely different way. It is amazing. Now, I'm sixty-seven and am excited about living, and being able to teach this to others. Thank you for reading Beyond the Veil's Law of Attraction. Jasmine Renee Abbott. Buy the books on Amazon.

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The Hippie Ghost Band’s Intentional Community

There are diverse types of Intentional Communities. The Hippie Ghost Band’s is Beyond the Veil’s model, from where they came from, when they provided guidance to Jasmine.

Though it might have a resemblance to other types of Intentional Communities, there is a distinct difference. We cannot take pieces of their philosophy and blend it with our existing lifestyle. It only creates more of the hell we already exist in.

Discover how to create heaven in your life, and join or create communities using the Hippie Ghost Band’s path.

Time was ticking. Could a group of spirits intervene and stop a death? What methods would they choose to use? How do they get her to believe in them? Can they prevent suicide, and give the person a reason for living? A short and powerful story that will bring tears and hope to you. Buy the books on Amazon.

A Life or Death Situation: The Spirit World Intervenes to stop a Suicide The Spirit World Walks with Us (Volume 1)