​​Course:  Beyond the veil

The Door to Creating Earth Heaven and Discovering Your Value

You Feel the Call of Your Spirit to Create a world full of love and light

A Small group of spirits called the Hippie Ghost Band have already created Heaven on Earth, along with an Ancient Kingdom called The Crystal Kingdom. And four women. What Will It Take For You To Embrace You Journey in Creating Heaven on Earth?

How do you partake in this building of Heaven on Earth.?

It is within YOUR reach — through the Wisdom teachings called, Beyond the Veil.

As you continue to step into your Rainbow Platter Self you pave the way to creating your own Intentional Community Heaven.

Rainbow Platter Thoughtform is the essence of all that exists on Earth and the 3rd realm Spirit Plane. .

Rainbow Platter detaches us from the silver platter given to each of us upon birth. It frees us from our dogma and tradition, beyond intellect and computerized ego, to spirit and personality ego. YOU reach into the unknown and recover the ABILITIES and TRUTHS OF WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

If you have been called to work with Crystal Energy, creating love and peace on earth or any other healing modality, the Rainbow Platter offers you a chance to step onto a path that heals the ancient lines of fear, your fears and travels into the future. This is Heaven both on Earth and its counterpart, the 3rd realm on Spirit Realm.

This is not a course to save the world. It is a course to create your own heaven, using the blueprint your spirit and personality ego choice prior to birth. Finally, that merry-go-round can stop, and you can create the life your heart has been crying out for since the beginning of your time.

As the practitioner of the Hippie Ghost Band’s Beyond the Veil, you will learn tools to be a service to creating Heaven.

Earth Heaven is bases on the Rainbow Platter, where we become I Am Love. We vibrate at it, until we need to send this vibration out while saying I Am Loving. As we inhale, we are hugged in I Am Loved.

Can you imagine consciously summoning and directing the Rainbow Platter to create abundant health and wellbeing in all aspects of your life?

Our focus for this Beyond the Veil teachings is to learn how to unplug from the Silver Platter given to you upon birth, and live on the Rainbow Platter, where your Spirit and personality ego  be learning consciously embody and transmit the energies of I Am Love with the Ho’oponopono, Beyond the Veil’s style..

“You have the Rainbow Dream available to you, and it is one of the greatest elements for successful living.”

As a Rainbow Platter Practitioner your ability to listen, trust and allow your Spirit to guide you greatly improves.

This work involves more than I Am Love healing for you. Its energies build over to the 3rd spirit level, where your love ones too can heal from their Silver Platters.  

When your ‘I Am Loving presence’ and the Ho’oponopono work in partnership clearing your Silver Patter, a gateway to worlds beyond personality, intellect & your wildest imaginings will be opened.

Let’s go there!

We are embarking on a journey into the many mysteries of life where all is unknown until we seek it. Imagine healing our ancestral blood lines from fear?  Imagine a future world where fear isn’t our culprit for living?

 Are You Ready to Claim Your Identity as a Rainbow Platter  Practitioner & Be Completely Fulfilled In All Areas Of Your Life?

From the mystical to the practical we will explore the full spectrum of possibilities for Transformation through Beyond the Veil’s Rainbow Platter.. We will also begin to define the scope of your Practice and who you want to be as a Practitioner.

When you surrender to the mystery, the fog of separation fades and what appears is the Truth of who you are. Behold YOUR beautiful magical life!.

2018 Classes: Coming soon 

All classes start at 10:00 to 2:00 pm

The cost is $375.00 payable 

You will be given the link to this course on Skype upon registration.




​​​​Welcome to 

The Hippie Ghost Band Land 

Class: Beyond the Veil Living, Vision Board to build heaven on earth.

Do you suffer from deep primal issues of trust? Do you feel safe in your environment? Deep inside do you recognize you lack self-worth and self-love? How long have you been wrestling with feelings of abandonment, or not feeling worthy?

You aren’t alone. sadly, even those Beyond the Veil, the dead, experience daily these same feelings. Consequently, a group of dead musicians who love their friends, who are stuck Beyond the Veil, came to me during my crises period. Though for the first three years, I believed they conducted a spirit intervention, they came to teach me Beyond the Veil’s Manual, which included Creating Living Vision Boards, since death awaited me around the corner.

2015, marked a new beginning. Not just for me, since Divine saved my life, but for these eleven entities who became my teachers and my family. The next two years they continued to teach me how to use sound therapy, I Am Love, Ho’oponopono and the Living Vision Board to build heaven on earth. I’m delighted to teach this to those who are interested.  Now, I know self-love and self-worth. I know love versus abandonment. So, can you! Are you ready?

You can take this two-hour course, with crystal sound healing bowls, a guided visual meditation, and the blending of I Am Love and Ho'oponopono, as you weave your vision board with your spirit leading your life. This course will be offered two times a month, for your convenience.

The cost is $35, payable through Paypal.com.

Classes for 2018 are held:

​Sunday: May 20, June 24, July 29, August 26, September 30, October 28  Time: 10:00 a.m to 12:00 noon.

all classes are held through Skype - You will be given the link to this course on Skype upon registration.