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The Hippie Ghost Band Land 

I started listening to Jasmine Renee Abbott via Face book early in 2017.  For about 6 months I just quietly observed Jasmine, and the group that she channels, the Hippie Ghost Band.  

By July of 2017, I couldn’t deny that what they were saying/ teaching resonated with me. It resonated deep within me.  Love. Changing the way that we think. NEW thought processes. Positive change. The “platter" that we are given at birth. Old ways won’t produce new results. SO many issues that I had been seeking answers too, were now before me.  


I decided to share a couple poems in hopes of reaching out to them. They noticed and their arms opened. It wasn’t just the H.G.B., no, it went way farther than I realized.

Jasmine's brother Irv., who is also a poet, and many others from the past.{I want to change the dark and dreary poetry and turn it into beautiful butterflies!! } They all welcomed me with open arms, and Love. Encouraging my poetry and my growth. I thank them.

I am excited! A new place has been created. This is all BRAND NEW. I am applying the concepts introduced to me thus far.  My mind is blown daily, but in a good way!! I look forward to this journey. Thanks

                                       Diane Selinsky


Where to Find Beyond the Veil Wisdom Teachings?

We offer our services through upcoming retreats, expos and conventions. If interested in us attending your next event, please contact us.

Private local sessions with the following healing modules are available We are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Sound healing with Mediumship work to help you to find your spirit path.

  • Sound healing combined with Brenda’s inspiration cards and another deck of inspirational plus taro, if desired. This makes a great house party event.


Brenda and Jasmine also each have their own practice. They both teach a variety of topics.

Dvds of sound healing with the Ho’oponopono, plus dvds of sound healing and guided visualization will be available this summer.

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