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Where you can buy originals and prints in person 

​Jasmine will be doing private readings with the paintings to help you on your Soul Path. ​​You can book your appointment now for the weekends. Crystal gifts set are available, with art and a Spirit Path reading.


​​​​Welcome to 

The Hippie Ghost Band Land 

Imagine a world where the veil from beyond the grave is gone, and spirit and mortals are working together to create Beyond the Veil’s Artist Way.  Hard to imagine isn’t it?

                 Create your own vision of Heaven a Door                   to Your Value, create a Spirit Vision Board                   with guided meditation and sound                           healing: classes are held on Tuesday                           evenings and Sunday afternoon.

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Listen to sound healing with

guided meditation and songs

with the Hippie Ghost Band.

The history of the Hippie Ghost Band

The community was started in 2015, by a group of eleven spirits, which consists of the Hippie Ghost Band and The Crystal Kingdoms. Two years later the Hippie Ghost Band was charged to go forth and teach through the one mortal involved, Jasmine Renee, their conduit. At the end of 2017 they brought another mortal into the picture, and in January 2018 Jasmine discovered Brenda Zyburt, who also was taught Beyond the Veil’s Artist Way.

In January 2018 they met at Jasmine’s intentional living apartment, and in less than a month their lives changed, as the Hippie Ghost Band requested they begin to teach

Beyond the Veil’s Artist Way.

One month later they both ventured out, without a clue what the Conscious Conference Expo in Los Angeles would bring. Sound healing done by Brenda Zyburt, combined with Jasmine Renee’s mediumship ability became the module that brought these two women’s skills together in the Artist Way. Their booth acted as a lighthouse drawing people towards it for healing. That weekend, their only intent, was to sell the beautiful spirit paintings of Brenda Zyburt. Neither of them thought that combined they could offer a joint healing session. This was only the beginning.

From the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, synchronicity took over and revealed an opportunity for Brenda Zyburt to show her art. Two weeks later they ended up at the Artist Market in Sedona, with Brenda Zyburt renting an art studio. Unbeknown to them, Jasmine could see other peoples’ spirit paths through Brenda’s painting and started to offer Spirit path readings, using her inspirational cards, with her art.
When these two women’s energies combine the Beyond the Veil Artist Way takes over. The Hippie Ghost Band, three dead musicians plus one poet are requesting them to create healing retreats using both the sound healing of the Crystal Bowls and the songs they have been writing, along with Jasmine Renee’s Beyond the Veil’s teaching of the Ho’oponopono and I Am Love.

They are also going to work together blending Brenda’s sound healing and art with Jasmine’s Guided Meditations to heal your body while assisting you to tune into your Spirit path.

The Hippie Ghost Band, who brought these two women together, proudly offer both women as the teachers of the Beyond the Veil’s Artist Way.

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​​​​​Welcome to The Teachers of the Hippie Ghost Band Way

The Creation of Life how beautiful,

how fulfilling,
rewarding to behold,

the glory of thy self.
Our Spirit Being as we are,
the spark of life that never ends but,
only evolves to higher depths of the soul’s evolution.

by Brenda Zyburt